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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Someday many years from now

We'll sit beside the candles glow

Exchanging tales about our past

And laughing as the memories flow

And when that distant day arrives

I know it will be understood

That friendship is the key to live

And we were friends and it was good. ~ Eileen Hehl

*Main curik gambar kat FB. Ampunnn. :D


Anonymous said...


Mazni Zulkifli said...

cun ! love this post :)

annoying-most said...

kenapa aku rasa mcm segan bila ko letak gambar tutorial aku

iqin othman said...

anon> (:
mazni> (:
sid> aku stalker jugak ouh, HAHA

Lela S said...

ghaibulna paling comeL ^^

iqin othman said...

lela> tau takpe.
ghai> fewit! HAHAH

adella said...

suke sume gambar..
sid nmpak cool la dlm gambar..huhu

iqin othman said...

lupa pulak. maaf ye kalau yang takde gambar. aku main amek random jek. :D

*ghai dengan sid punya disengajakan,HAHAHAH

analisiszikri said...

we know for years to come, we would be apart from each other,but our hearts would forever be sewn together...ececeh

iqin othman said...

hanis> boleh buat lagu tu, :D

Anonymous said...

pkai bju muke still cm bdk2.. ;p